Beetroot Bread – Gluten, Grain, Dairy, Nut and Sugar Free

Cooking Without Gluten

I have been obsessed lately with recipe development for grain free bread. And I truly meant bread, and not a cake type loaf, with a minimum sweet taste. This bread made from roasted beetroot and eggplant puree, eggs, coconut flour and grinded meal from flaxseeds, sunflower kernels and chia seeds, tastes like real bread and has typical texture of the rye bread I remember.


When I started this project a month ago, I tried to use carrot and pumpkin purees and played with different grinded seeds, coconut flour and almond meal made from whole almonds. I got the bread feel and texture, but the taste had intense vegetable overtones, coconut taste was too prominent, it took me a lot of effort to mask the sweetness of carrots and pumpkin and, finally, it was necessary to dry the bread in low heat oven after slicing to reduce moisture. It was OK to eat, but I was…

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