Organic Dried Fruit and Seed Truffles, Gluten, Dairy, Grain and Sugar Free

Cooking Without Gluten

I never thought that I might be able to create something sweet with that many limitations worth sharing in my blog. My goal was to make something really nice and tasty, but also gluten, dairy, grain and sugar free, mostly organic, without preservatives, and with minimum quantity of nuts and fat in the product. The second requirement of the product was reasonably long shelf life (either cupboard, fridge or freezer).


In this post I do not provide exact quantities of all ingredients. I list them all, and give a detailed description how I ended up making truffles from the mixture of dried fruits, seeds and walnut meal. I want to give credits to an amazing blog – wholefoodme dedicated to whole food recipes, keeping all artificial ingredients out. Articles from this blog blog, as well as personal advice from the author, inspired and helped me to make delicious truffles, I…

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