Sultana Apple Bread – Gluten, Grain and Sugar Free

This is the recipe for a dense and dry apple and almond bread with sultanas, gluten, grain and sugar free. Almond meal and cinnamon powder are used as the only dry ingredients. No extra fats are added, with moisture in the batter coming from thick apple puree.

I was apprehensive when I started to work on this recipe. I knew that apple puree mixes well with beaten egg whites, it actually makes the structure more resilient, particularly when sour green apples are used with high level of pectin in them. But as honey adds more liquid to egg whites, compared to sugar, I was not completely sure that egg whites, beaten with honey, can produce the same stiff peak texture and provide enough raising power to bread’s very dense batter. I did not want to use baking soda. I also wanted to avoid adding any extra dry ingredients, and get away only with almond meal and cinnamon powder. I did not name this recipe sultana cake because of its dense texture and very limited quantity of honey I used to make it.



  • 2 extra large eggs, separated
  • 50-60g organic honey
  • 150g almond meal, sifted
  • 150g thick apple puree, I used Granny Smith apples to make puree


  • 10g cinnamon powder, 2 heaped tea spoons
  • 100g organic raisins with no preservatives
  • sliced almonds to decorate, 2 table spoons


  • prepare thick apple puree, the quickest way to do it is to cook diced peeled and cored apples in microwave for 10min, make puree with a stick blender and cook for another 5-10min to reduce moisture further
  • cool down apple puree
  • in a bowl cover raisins with boiling water, let them absorb water for 10-15min, strain raisins and dry them on paper tower until completely dry


  • sift almond meals, add cinnamon and mix well, put aside
  • separate eggs
  • beat egg whites until stiff peaks, put aside


  • beat apple puree with 1/2 honey


  • add egg whites to the mix and continue beating, the mixture will more than double in volume and become thick


  • in a separate bowl beat egg yolks with 1/2 honey


  • add 1/2 of almond meal and cinnamon mixture, mix it in
  • add 2 table spoons of egg white and apple mix, add remaining almond meal and cinnamon mixture, mix well


  • carefully fold the rest of egg whites, the final batter is still quite thick
  • add raisins and fold them in


  • grease non-stick mini loaf baking pan with unsalted butter or oil of your choice
  • spoon thick batter into the pan, press the batter with silicon spatula to avoid air pockets, level the surface
  • use sliced almonds on the top of the batter


  • bake in preheated to 150C no fan oven for 55-60min, until bread is firm to touch, and cake tester comes out clean.  I used my favourite baking regime for honey dense cakes, and baked the bread with cold start in fan forced oven set to 160C for I hour


  • take the loaf out of the baking pan and let it rest until completely cooled down

Sultana and apple honey bread was easy to slice, it had dense, but not heavy texture. Cinnamon and almond mixture gave the bread beautiful gentle colour, it had a touch of sweetness from honey and raisins. The texture was not light and fluffy as in almond cakes, and the bread was not as moist as typical almond cake with fruit puree. However, if you want to achieve lighter texture of typical moist almond cake, reduce quantities of almond meal. I did not try to toast this bread, but I can guess that with honey present, toasting have to be gentle to prevent burning. It might also be a good idea to bake honey based breads and cakes in oversized pans, filling them to half volume. Even with raising, the surface of the bake will be deeper in the pan and be less exposed to heat. The alternative would be to cover the pan, but it had to be tried to be sure that it does not raising of the bake. Always take into consideration that honey based bakes burn easier. It means that compared to regular cake with sugar, temperature in the oven have to be 10-15 degrees lower to avoid burning and bitter taste od the crust as a result.

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