Cauliflower and Flaxseed Meal Pancakes, Grain Free

This is a recipe for fast to make versatile pancakes, easy to adjust to any occasion and to have anytime from breakfast to dinner. I was thinking for some time to create savoury warm dish, which is fast and easy to make, with a minimal list of regular and budget ingredients, but at the same time, hearty and nutritionally balanced as a full meal. And of course I wanted the dish to be delicious. I came up with 3 ingredients pancakes, made from fresh cauliflower, eggs and flaxseed meal. I wanted to make no fuss, extremely simple and reliable recipe, so I used ready made flaxseed meal, without the necessity to grind it yourself, if you prefer this option.


I am more than pleased with the results. We loved these pancakes, and they even surpassed my favourite quinoa gallettes in taste and versatility. They were delicious warm and cold, they could be fried either thin or thick, small to be served as the base for canapés, or large, the size of crepes, to be used for takeaway lunch with different fillings.


Ingredients: to make 12 medium pancakes (as in photos)


  • 350g fresh cauliflower
  • 3 large eggs
  • 50g, 5 table spoons of flaxseed meal
  • salt to taste
  • oil for frying



  • chopped fresh herbs
  • spices

I used chopped dill and my garlic and chili peppers paste. Preparation:

  • cut fresh cauliflower in medium size pieces
  • use food processor to make it the size of rice grains
  • add eggs and process them together with cauliflower for 1-2min until fully mixed and the mixture becomes a little frothy


  • transfer the mixture to the bowl and add flaxseed meal, whisk it through


  • add herbs and spices if wanted


  • grease frying pan with oil
  • spoon pancake mixture, make pancake the same thickness and cook on a very low heat (check the time necessary to make pancake bottom golden brown using your frying pan)


  • turn over pancakes and cook the other side


Serve pancakes warm with any toppings you like. I had mine with sliced tomatoes


and onions, and my husband had them with mushrooms and onion in sour cream sauce (not allowed in this blog ingredients list). It would also be nice with smoked or pouched salmon, any vegetable dip or even chicken mousse.


To make this pancakes the perfect shape for dinner parties you can use egg frying rings when spoon pancake mix to the frying pan. For the convenience they can be baked, and not fried, either as individual pancakes, or as a base of a layered pancake. I would not call in pizza base, but it can be used as such, too. In that case I would recommend to restrict the size of the base to small or medium size, for individual portions. I do not see any limitations to this mixture be refrigerated for 1-2 days in air tight container, or pancakes themselves stored refrigerated for couple of days, even frozen if necessary.

In terms of nutritional value, these pancakes have the right balance of proteins, quality carbohydrates and lipids, as well as plenty of fibre. They are quite filling and sustain for a long time. It is the dish I will be making on a regular basis, even though we personally do not have to restrict all grains in our diet, only those containing gluten.

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