Broccolini and Flaxseed Savoury Pancakes – Grain and Dairy Free

After using cauliflower and flaxseed to make savoury pancakes, other vegetables,  broccolini and carrots among them, were on my list for grain and dairy free pancakes. For this recipe I used regular 200g broccolini bunch, which determined quantities of other ingredients. Other vegetables included small amount of either fresh carrots, or red capsicum, processed together with broccolini in food processor. On this occasion I made broccolini pancakes with my own fermented carrots. They are softer in texture, compared to fresh carrots, and can be used without processing, simply as they are.



to make 10 pancakes, 7-8cm in diameter


  • cut broccolini in 1cm pieces
  • grate carrots, if using fresh (dice red capsicum)
  • process vegetables to rice grain size in food processor
  • add eggs and process them together for 1-2min


  • transfer the mixture to a bowl
  • add flaxseed, herbs and spices (I added fermented carrots and garlic, chili and parsley paste)


  • combine all ingredients with a whisk, let the mixture rest for 15 min, the batter will thicken
  • pancake batter with red capsicum will have a different colour


  • fry on a very low (minimal heat), I often use egg frying rings to make  round pancakes of the same size


These pancakes are soft and juicy, but keep their shape and do not crumble. They taste excellent on their own, but I enjoyed them with amazingly sweet organic cherry tomatoes, a regular gift from our friends, growing them in their garden.


Broccolini pancakes can be frozen and defrosted without losing their taste or texture. I also used broccolini pancakes to make a savoury layered mini-cake with smoked trout mousse. I processed rainbow trout, avocado, coconut cream and added 1 gold leaf gelatine sheet to make a mousse.


The cake was easy to make using a pastry bag for mousse application. The cake looked better than it tasted.  Trout mousse had all taste proportions wrong. Smoked trout taste was too domineering, the result could have been better, if I used delicately sweet chicken and vegetable mousse instead, to make this cake. That is why I do not publish trout mousse recipe.


I only present this photo to show that these simple savoury pancakes can be used to make quite an elaborate party dish.

7 thoughts on “Broccolini and Flaxseed Savoury Pancakes – Grain and Dairy Free

  1. Really novel idea…and a great way to sneak more flax seed into my diet! And that CAKE!!! Wow- that is ingenious. Totally pinning this.


    1. Thank you. I have found that flaxseeds are excellent everywhere I used it, particularly, in vegetable pancakes and bread. They are essential in baking for people who can’t have grains. With the layered cake you have to be very careful with intense flavour any fish brings. May be canned pink wild salmon is the better protein option in mousse.


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