Updates on Popular Recipes from this Blog

The main idea behind this blog was to have a place where I put all the recipes I develop for our friends with very strict dietary limitations (see here). To my delight, some of these recipes appear to be practical and enjoyable, and they have become a part of regular cooking routine. I wanted to report the most popular recipes and share photos of those dishes, which I got as a feedback.

Grain and dairy savoury crust, used to make all sorts of savoury tarts, is the dish on the top of the list.


The crust is easy to make, and easy to bake with different fillings. Both the dough, and fully baked tartlets, could be frozen and defrosted without any difficulties. There tartlets slide out of the baking cases with ease, you do not even need to use tartlet cases with removable bottoms for the bake.

Grain, dairy and sugar free plum frangipane was also the recipe quite easy to reproduce. As with grain and nut free bread recipes, these individual frangipane tarts are baked better, compared to those presented in the original post.


Their colour is lighter, and they have risen very nicely. This bake shows once again, that grain free baking with honey gives better results without using the fan-forced option . I have fan-forced oven, and nearly always use fan option for faster results. It makes darker cakes and tarts based on honey, and now I am fully convinced, that when baking with honey, not only lower temperatures should be used, but in fan-forced ovens, regime without fan would be the better option.

Lamb and veal meatballs in eggplant sauce make a good balanced lunch or dinner dish, served on a bed of zucchini pasta.


It is a simple dish when both freshly mixed meatballs, or the whole cooked dish, can be frozen in serving size portions. Frozen meatballs can be cooked in carrot, tomato and eggplant sauce without defrosting first, which saves time.

And finally, the sugarless cake with walnuts, raisins and cinnamon. No problems with making and baking this recipe either. The cake looked exactly the same as in my original bake.


It was nicely baked, and served with cranberry and coconut frosting, (I promise to publish the recipe shortly) was a delicious dessert.


But I have even better news. The recipe was changed to use Dutch spice mix, and I have to say, that I liked the new version of the cake better. It had more interesting and sophisticated taste, not at all overwhelmed by spices. I received the cake to taste after being frozen and defrosted. It tasted magnificent! I could not have imagined, that the cake with no sugar and no other sweeteners, even honey, can be such a success. In my personal opinion, it is a wonderful grain, dairy and sugar free option for a Christmas cake. With this cake I can promise, that you do not have to mention dietary restrictions applied, when serving this cake to any person.


 The recipe of the improved version of this cake will follow. On the photo it is served with raspberry and chia sauce, and cranberry coconut cream frosting.

I am delighted that recipes I develop find other homes and people to enjoy them.

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