Sugar Free Apricot Jam

This recipe has only 2 ingredients – apricots and honey. Preparation process is simple and results in tart jam with a vibrant taste. Apricot and honey jam is perfect on its own, but is also very handy as sugar free glaze, or delicious topping for any sugar free dessert.

Ingredients and preparation can be summarised in 2 sentences and the whole process takes around an hour, including apricot preparation.


  • apricots (for a tart jam, I like them firm)
  • honey

Apricots to honey ratio in the recipe depends on the ripeness and sweetness of apricots. In my experience it varies from 3:1 to 2:1.

The first time in this season 300g of honey was enough for 900g pitted apricots. For the second time I had to use 330g of honey to balance the sour taste of 750g apricots. I also remember last year’s thick apricot spread, which I made from ripe apricots without using any sweeteners.


  • wash and thoroughly dry apricots
  • cut apricot in half and take the pit out
  • cut every half in three pieces
  • weigh apricot wedges
  • place apricots in a sauce pan with a heavy bottom
  • add honey in quantity 1/3 of apricot weight
  • use minimum heat at the beginning of cooking, until apricots go soft and produce plenty of liquid
  • cook on low heat for 40-50 min
  • check the taste of apricot jam, add more honey to your taste, if necessary
  • apricots will disintegrate and jam consistency will become nearly homogeneous without blending
  • spoon apricot jam into clean jars, cover them with a lid, let them completely cool, store apricot jam refrigerated


Contrary to orange marmalade, which I like and make thick, apricot jam is not exactly runny, but is much thinner in texture. It is perfect for rustic glazing of baked rolls or strudels. It can be used as tart sauce to be served with any cakes or sweet desserts.

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