Paleo Banana Flour Tray Bake with Walnuts and Prunes

This is my first and very satisfying attempt to use banana flour to create grain, dairy, starches, gums and sugar free recipe. The idea behind this recipe was to create a simple tray bake product with the bare minimum of ingredients, and flexible enough to be used with different additions to the batter – dried fruits, nuts, sliced fresh fruits or berries among them. As the prototype I used my dairy free bake with  buckwheat or quinoa flours, which are not on the allowed list of ingredients in this blog.



Another new product on the list of ingredients I used for the first time is canned prunes in their own juices without any sugar or preservatives added. These prunes are very soft and juicy and have to be dried with paper towel to reduce excess moisture from them. They don’t keep their shape well.



  • 2 large eggs, total weight without shell 100-105g
  • 160g honey
  • 200g thick portion from a can of 28% fat coconut cream
  • 20ml lemon juice
  • 1 tea spoon lemon zest
  • 140g banana flour
  • 7g baking soda
  • 10g cinnamon powder
  • coconut oil to grease 20cm x 30cm baking tray
  • prunes from the can, you can use any soft and juicy prunes, pitted
  • 1 tea spoon almond meal to dust pitted prunes
  • 8-10 walnuts




  • preheat fan forced oven to 170C
  • grease 20cm x 30cm baking tray with coconut oil
  • separate prunes from the liquid
  • dry them on a paper towel
  • sprinkle pitted prunes with almond meal
  • separate the thick portion of the coconut cream from the can, 200g will include some of the more liquid portion,  to achieve better separation, refrigerate the can overnight (I used coconut cream without previous refrigeration)
  • sift all dry ingredients, banana flour, cinnamon powder and baking soda, into a wide bowl, mix them with a whisk
  • whisk eggs with honey until pale, and nearly triple in volume (the best and fastest result is achieved with the whisk attachment from a stick blender)
  • add lemon juice and lemon zest to coconut cream, mix with a whisk
  • add coconut cream with lemon juice to whisked eggs
  • mix gently to combine, use whisk
  • add dry ingredients to wet ingredients
  • mix with a whisk until fully combined
  • pour the batter into a baking tray
  • tap the tray on a benchtop to spread the batter evenly in the tray
  • place soft prunes and walnuts on top of the batter
  • if using soft and juicy dried prunes, which keep their shape better, pour half of the batter in the tray, place prunes on top, and cover them with the second portion of the batter, place walnuts on the top of the second layer of the batter
  • bake 35 min, the bake will be somewhat soft to touch, but the edges will separate from the baking tray
  • let the bake rest in the tray for 10 min
  • turn in over twice to place on a lined with baking paper wire rack
  • return the bake into switched off, but still hot oven, and let in rest until it cools down completely
















This tray bake is easy to slice, not many crumbs appear. The slice has soft and light texture, which keeps the shape well. In that sense it could support any sliced fruits, which I often use in gluten free tray bakes with buckwheat and quinoa flours.


The taste of banana flour, coconut cream and honey bake was mild and gentle. It was not too sweet, and did not have the taste of either banana or coconut. I am sure the batter can be baked as muffins, plain or with berries, or as a round sponge, to be used in cakes. Depending on the thickness of the batter in the baking tray, baking time might have to be adjusted. However, I would not recommend to bake tall cakes or sponges at the same temperature, it will require longer baking times, that can result in burned product. Baking with honey is discussed in detail here.


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