Pure Quince Puree

I have discovered that quince puree, prepared from cooked quinces with skin on, makes a wonderful product, that can be used as a dessert itself, or as a topping for any breakfast – pancakes, fruit bowls, toasted grain free bread. I also used this puree to make paleo sweets, including quince and chocolate truffles, based on organic cacao butter and raw organic cacao powder (recipe coming soon).




  • diced quinces with skin on



  • wash, dry and 2-3 quinces, remove all the fluff from the skin, but leave the skin on (quantity depends on the size of your pan)
  • quarter quinces and core them
  • dice each quarter
  • transfer diced  quinces to a pan, add water 1/4 or 1/3 to the volume of diced quinces in the pan
  • cover the pan with lid and cook on medium heat until boiling point
  • reduce the heat to low, place the lid to allow some steam to come out and cook until very little liquid is left on the bottom of the pan, do not allow it to dry out completely
  • strain cooked quinces, collect the thick liquid and use it as a tart sauce or add honey to have a sweeter sauce
  • transfer cooked quince to a bowl and blend it into fine puree
  • use quince puree fresh, stored refrigerated for a week or freeze for longer storage






To my taste quince puree has a perfect balance of tartness and sweetness, but for those who like their desserts, jams and sauces with a sweeter taste, I suggest to add 1 or 2 spoons of raw honey to quince puree while still warm, stir it and add any desired flavourings – cinnamon, cloves and vanilla beans would be on my list. This is a much better option to a quince sauce I was making previously, when cooking quinces with honey. It resulted in a tasty thick sauce, but because honey was heated for some time, it lost many of its healthy attributes.



I also prefer quinces cooked with their skin on. It provides increased quantities of fibre in the final product, enhances the flavour of puree and makes it a perfect ingredient to use in pastila, replacing apple or plum puree.


Quince puree can be used as a topping for an ice cream. The ice cream variety showed in the photo below is gluten, but not dairy free and is shown only as a serving suggestion.


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