Paleo Chocolate Truffles with Organic Cacao Butter

From all my recipes for chocolate and fruit sweets, these truffles, made with organic cacao butter, raw organic cacao powder, organic honey and pure quince puree, are simply the best I ever had. They have a deep chocolate taste complimented by intense and vibrant tart fruit flavour. Their taste is more than a bitter dark chocolate flavour with a gentle sweetness. I will say again, that I do not like chocolate, but these truffles has won me over. I coated them with cacao powder and crushed cashews, to get the first batch with even more chocolate flavour, and the second one with more mild taste, subdued by cashews. Cashew coated truffles survive storage better without any changes in their appearance. Cacao powder coating takes some moisture from the truffles and truffles lose their dry look and become darker in colour.


When I first tried to use cacao butter to make chocolates and used it in quantities comparative to total fat in chocolates, the final result satisfied me in taste, but the texture of chocolates was awful. Restricted in the use of dairy butter, I went for the choice to reduce overall fat content and firm the truffles with chia seeds. I was afraid that chia seeds will give and unpleasant feel to the texture, but with all moisture they have absorbed, the seeds go practically unnoticed. The process of preparation is quick and simple. It does not demand the same amount of time and care as regular chocolate truffles made with cream, butter and chocolate, where the process of preparation depends very much on the temperature of the environment.


for 52-54 truffles

  • 80g organic cacao butter
  • 200g organic honey
  • 140-150g pure quince puree
  • 40g raw organic cacao powder
  • 30g organic white chia seeds
  • 1/3 to 1/2 tea spoon pure vanilla powder
  • 10g almond meal (might not be necessary if homemade quince puree has very thick consistency)

extra for coating

  • crushed cashews (blanched almond or hazelnuts)
  • cacao powder

Ingredients on the photo below are shown only as illustration, their quantities does not correspond to quantities in the recipe. The final taste will depend on the type of honey used, the quality of cacao powder and the acidity of quince puree.



  • prepare quince puree from fresh quinces, or use the frozen one, prepared in advance
  • melt cacao butter slowly on a low heat
  • add honey and quince puree to just melted cacao butter, stir all ingredients together, it will take some time, ingredients would not combine instantly
  • add cacao powder and vanilla powder, mix them in until fully combined without lumps
  • heat mixture for 1-2 min, if it becomes lukewarm, the mixture has to be warm before adding chia seeds
  • add almond meal and chia seeds, stir the mixture until the seeds are spread evenly, let the mixture rest until it reaches room temperature (1-2 hours), the mixture will thicken
  • avoid using very runny quince puree, concentrate it if necessary


  • line the tray with baking paper or aluminium foil
  • take one spoon of the set mixture and roll it in your palms into a ball, it is more practical to use slightly wet palms, it is usually enough to roll 5-8 truffles, before the mixture starts to stick


  • spread cacao powder or crushed nuts in a thin layer on a plate
  • prepare paper liners for truffles or just storage container lined with baking paper
  • roll each truffle to coat the surface completely
  • store truffles refrigerated




More truffle recipes with different dietary restrictions can be found here (organic dried fruits and seed truffles) and here (gluten, dairy and sugar free truffles made with cooked lentils).

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