Peaches Mousse Cake – Grain and Dairy Free

This cake has the same chocolate sponge base as cranberry coconut cream mousse cake, but has much lighter fruit mousse made from canned peaches and coconut cream. Using relatively sweet fruits, compared to a very sour cranberries, allows to use less sweeteners in the recipe and to avoid the overload of the cake with either natural unrefined sugars or honey. The appearance of variety of pure canned fruits in natural juices or fruit pulps without any added sugar, other additives or preservatives, makes cake and dessert preparation very easy in any season. I used canned peaches in natural juices or with addition of mango pulp, and both worked well in this recipe, with peaches in mango pulp providing more intense flavour to peach and coconut cream mousse.


For the jam layer I used Aldi Cherry Jam, which is sugar free preserve. To thicken it up I used chia seeds, but for an easier and simpler version of the cake, you can apply peaches mousse directly to a chocolate sponge. The sponge is moist enough to make an overall delicious cake with just 2 layers. You can use any crushed nuts for cake decoration. Candied orange peel can be used as well, shown below in peaches mousse cake made with dairy cream.


The process of cake preparation is the same as for chocolate cranberry mousse cake, detailed instructions and step by step photos can be found here. This cake is also one in a series of recipes with pure glucose powder (dextrose) as a sweetener. I have found that in some recipes dry and powdered sweetener makes all the difference to the practicality of cake preparation and is an excellent alternative to regular sugar which I can’t use for recipes in this blog.


chocolate sponge layer

  • 100g pure apple puree, I used SPC
  • 1 large egg (50-54g without shell)
  • 50g pure glucose powder
  • 60g almond meal
  • 20g organic pure cocoa powder
  • 3g baking soda
  • coconut oil to grease the pan

jam layer

  • half of the jar Aldi cherry jam, no sugar added
  • 10g white chia seeds

peaches coconut cream mousse layer

  • 200g sliced peaches from the can (used no added sugar canned peaches)
  • 100g liquid from the canned peaches
  • another 100g liquid made from peaches liquid and liquid part of coconut cream (approximately 50g from peaches and 50g from coconut cream, but variations to 1 to 1 ratio can be acceptable)
  • 200g hard part of coconut cream
  • 40g pure glucose powder (if canned peaches are tart, it might be necessary to use 50g of glucose to balance it)
  • 4-5 gold grade gelatin leaves (5 if their weight is marked as 2g, 4 if their weight is 2.2g)


For chocolate sponge preparation go here.

jam layer

  • blend jam into a smooth texture
  • in a small sauce pan heat cherry jam
  • add chia seeds, stir them in
  • allow the mixture to cool down completely, it will thicken

peaches and coconut cream mousse

  • to separate the hard and the liquid part of the coconut cream, refrigerate the can for several hours, use high fat content coconut cream
  • measure the liquid part of coconut cream, you will need to know how much (if any you might use when whipping coconut cream)
  • drain peach slices
  • blend 200g of these slices into smooth puree
  • soak gelatin leaves in cold water
  • squeeze water excess from gelatin leaves
  • place gelatin into 100 ml of liquid from canned peaches
  • heat it gently to make sure that all gelatin is dissolved
  • whip the hard part of coconut cream with glucose powder, if the mixture is too thick, add some liquid part of coconut cream, make sure you register how much of this liquid did you use
  • mix peach puree with the rest of coconut liquid and peaches liquid
  • add peaches liquid with gelatin, the resulting temperature of the mix has to be room temperature
  • finally mix whipped coconut cream with peach-coconut-gelatin thick liquid and pour this liquid into prepared acetate cake ring on top of chocolate sponge
  • tap the cake very gently to make the surface of the mousse level
  • sprinkle with crushed nuts
  • let the cake set in the fridge, best overnight




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