Paleo Tahini Halva

I have received a generous gift of tahini halva with ingredients that make this dessert grain, dairy and sugar free. It was a delicious treat with delicate, yet intense sweet taste with a creamy texture, melting it your mouth. The dessert was so nice that it warranted the recipe to be shared. I asked for the recipe and below is the answer. I only added the direct link to the original recipe. I left authors text unchanged because it gives valuable details for successful preparation of this healthy sweet treat. It is marvellous with strong black coffee!


… As you know, the recipe is not mine.  It was from Hemsley & Hemsley (two sisters with that surname) who promote healthy food in the UK.  I just used our local ingredients and modified the method slightly. The recipe is:


  • 1 jar of tahini ( I used Mayvers hulled tahini )
  • about 2/3 packet of Coles dates
  • 4 generously heaped dessert spoons of coconut oil (I used the LovingEarth brand)
  • a generous pinch of good quality salt
  • goji berries and sesame seeds to decorate


Mixing it together is the tricky bit. The Hemsley sisters just said to put everything into the food processor. Well, that certainly did not work in mine (perhaps my food processor has less horse power … I don’t know). After making a couple of batches I have found that it is best to put half or so of the dates, along with everything else, in the Vitamix.  Process it in that until smooth. Hand chop the rest of the dates into small pieces and mix those by hand into the rest of the mixture.

Line a small baking tin or small glass container with baking paper. Pour in mixture. Decorate with white sesame seeds, black sesame seeds and goji berries. Set in the fridge for several hours.


I have cut halva in individual pieces and store them refrigerated. Individual pieces can be made in less generous size, this dessert satisfies the same way as rich truffles, you do not need too much to enjoy it.


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