Peach Coconut Cream Panna Cotta – Dairy and Sugar Free

Since I have tried SPC canned Peaches Sliced in Mango Nectar, with absolutely magnificent peach slices in deliciously thick mango nectar with the intense fresh fruit flavour, I was thinking about the dessert (gluten, grain, dairy, sugar and even egg free) that can satisfy the most demanding healthy taste and be simultaneously easy and simple to prepare. This dessert can be considered as a fruit panna cotta or set mousse. The texture of peach coconut  cream panna cotta is on a firm side, for more delicate, wobbly texture, more liquid or less gelatin can be used to set it. The whole contents of 825g can is used to make blended peach puree for panna cotta body, peach slices to decorate, and the remaining mango nectar as a perfect sauce to serve the dessert.



I have set panna cotta as individual servings, in both special, smaller size glasses, or single use containers, handy for picnic or out of house parties.



I also made panna cotta in larger containers to be cut and served with sauce or coulis.



  • 825g can SPC sliced peaches in mango nectar (puree)
  • 500ml coconut cream (I used 500ml packet 25% fat coconut cream)
  • 20 ml lemon juice
  • 100g organic raw honey
  • 1/2 tea spoon pure vanilla powder (any source of vanilla, which you can tolerate in your diet, can be used)
  • 6 sheets of gold grade gelatin

Can of peaches is used as follows:

  • 300g sliced peaches blended into fine puree to make panna cotta
  • 30ml liquid – mango nectar as part of liquid mix to dissolve gelatin
  • the rest of peach slices to decorate panna cotta before it is set
  • mango nectar as the sauce to serve the dessert



  • drain peach slices, collect mango nectar in a separate bowl
  • cover gelatin sheets with cold water, let them soak while you prepare the rest of ingredients
  • measure 30ml of mango nectar and pour it into a small sauce pan
  • add lemon juice to mango nectar
  • separate liquid and hard part of coconut cream
  • add liquid part to a sauce pan with mango nectar and lemon juice
  • in a bowl (best to use the tall one with a spout, to make it easier to pour panna cotta later) whisk coconut cream with honey, use the whisk to combine cream and honey manually at first, and whisk attachment of a stick blender later
  • if coconut cream is soft, just combine the cream with honey, no whisking is necessary
  • heat the mixture of 3 liquid ingredients in a sauce pan
  • squeeze water from gelatin sheets
  • add gelatin to warm liquid in a sauce pan, stir, make sure gelatin is dissolved
  • blend peach slices into fine puree
  • add peach puree to coconut cream with honey
  • add vanilla, combine the mixture well
  • check the temperature of dissolved gelatin solution, if still warm, place sauce pan in another  bowl with cold water
  • when gelatin solution becomes lukewarm, add it to the rest of ingredients in the main bowl (I usually use the sieve to make sure that there are no pieces of undissolved gelatin)
  • combine well
  • pour panna cotta into individual glasses or single use serving containers (or into larger containers to set)
  • if you were strong enough to resist the temptation to finish the remaining peach slices, cut them into thinner slices and gently put on top of panna cotta
  • in the second container I placed peach slices on the bottom and poured the liquid to set over them

I served individual panna cotta portions with tart raspberry chia jam.


Panna cotta set in larger containers is a convenient dinner party dessert, that can be served sliced, with mango nectar or any other fruit/berries coulis as a sauce.


Another option is to simply eat these peaches for dessert, and do not fuss with all this preparation. They are amazingly delicious!

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