Dairy, Egg and Sugar Free Fruit Ice Cream

Mango and banana ice cream with raspberry puree and vanilla, is a delicious dessert for summer. It is a very simple recipe, with practically one step preparation from the short list of ingredients, that can be found in the pantry or freezer at all times. It was the first time I tried the process of blending frozen fruits with coconut cream and honey. It turned out to be fast and easy, and my apprehension about damaging my not very powerful blender was put to rest. The recipe is flexible in fruit and natural sweeteners selection. Ratio of fruit to coconut cream and honey can vary as well. I used pure raspberry puree and pure vanilla powder to add extra flavours to the ice cream. It worked well together. The ice cream becomes very hard in the freezer, but I can’t say that it is the ice cream itself, or our freezer, which keeps very low temperatures and makes even regular ice cream from the shop stone hard. It has to stand several minutes on a benchtop to be nicely spooned into serving bowls.



  • 230g frozen mango pieces
  • 170g bananas, 2 medium size bananas, cut in 1-2 cm pieces and frozen
  • 100g raw organic honey
  • 270g can of coconut cream 27-28% fat
  • 1 tea spoon vanilla powder (use any vanilla source which you can tolerate)
  • raspberry puree, from frozen raspberries (optional)


  • cut and freeze bananas
  • for raspberry puree, defrost raspberries, blend them, put the mixture through the sieve (I have prepared raspberry puree for raspberry curd and have plenty left for other projects)
  • place frozen mango and banana pieces in food processor
  • add contents of coconut cream can, honey and vanilla powder
  • blend first on pulse regime, later switch to high and blend until even and fine texture


  • spoon or pour, depending on consistency, half of the mixture into container suitable for freezing
  • add 2 table spoons of raspberry puree, lightly mix it with ice cream


  • repeat the process with the second part of the mixture


  • cover the container with a tight lid and freeze
  • to serve use the ice cream scoop dipped into boiling water

I served the ice cream with fruit salad with pears, fresh mango and blueberries, topped with raspberry puree. The taste was vibrant and refreshing! Given quantities of ingredients provided the perfect balance of sweetness and fruity flavours in the ice cream.



2 thoughts on “Dairy, Egg and Sugar Free Fruit Ice Cream

    1. Thank you. Though these recipes I create for our friend, some of them we like so much, that they make regular appearances on our table. I believe ice creams based on coconut cream, honey and frozen fruits will stay on our menu. Simple to make from variety of ingredients.


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