Chocolate and Raspberry Tart – Grain and Dairy Free

Raspberry and coconut cream curd recipe which was published earlier, surprised me with quite unexpected texture. It was light and soft, and simultaneously kept the shape so nicely, that it simply asked to be used as a filling for a tart. What is the best crust for the raspberry filling? Chocolate, no doubt. To design grain and dairy free chocolate crust without any actual chocolate, grains, starches and gums, with only natural ingredients, I used raw cacao powder, almond meal, chia seeds and coconut flour as dry ingredients. I did not want to use any wet or semi wet sweeteners, such as honey or dates, so I opted for pure glucose, known as dextrose, which is on a tolerated ingredients list in this blog. Combined sweetness from apple puree and coconut flour was not enough to compensate for the bitterness of raw cacao, that is why my sweeteners free crust used in another layered cake recipe had to be modified.


This dough can’t be used to bake biscuits, as it has strong and dry texture. It was made to be able to withstand poured runny curd, before it sets. The texture of the crust changes when raspberry curd sets, overnight refrigeration allows the moisture to spread partially to the crust, making it perfect for easy cutting of the tart and the piece, holding its shape.


chocolate crust

enough for a thick 3 mm crust for medium round or rectangular tart with plenty of off-cuts for individual mini tartlets

  • 20g raw cacao powder
  • 100g almond meal
  • 30g chia seeds, ground and sifted
  • 50g organic coconut oil
  • 40g coconut flour (I used Well and Good brand)
  • 40g glucose powder
  • 1 egg
  • 50g pure apple puree (add apple puree to an egg to the total weight of 100g)

raspberry curd

  • 270 ml can of coconut cream 28% fat
  • 30ml lemon juice
  • 120g raspberry puree from frozen of fresh raspberries (I used frozen berries)
  • 2 whole eggs
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 225g organic raw honey (I used a little more honey, compared to the original curd recipe, to allow more sweetness to balance strong chocolate flavour)
  • 1/2 tea spoon pure vanilla powder (optional)
  • 3 pure gelatin leaves, gold grade


chocolate crust

  • ground chia seeds and put them through the sieve
  • mix cacao powder, ground chia seeds and almond meal, put the mixture aside
  • mix apple puree with an egg, add glucose powder, combine all ingredients with a whisk
  • heat coconut oil to soften it, mix it to make without lumps
  • add coconut flour, mix them together with spatula (see step by step dough preparation here)
  • add apple, egg and glucose mix
  • mix it vigorously with a whisk, it will eventually become a homogeneous soft paste
  • add dry ingredients and mix everything together to form a dough
  • the dough will become more firm within 10-15 min
  • you can use the dough instantly without refrigeration
  • depending on the shape of your tart form a disc or a “brick” shape from the dough
  • place the dough between 2 sheets of baking paper and roll it 2.5mm – 3.0mm thick




  • cut the dough to the size of the base of the tart baking pan plus 2 heights of the sides
  • you can fold the sides, the dough will split, do not worry, the dough is easy to work with, you can cover any splits and cracks when pressing the dough into the empty space
  • be patient and carefully inspect the dough before baking, any cracks should be repaired
  • cut sticking out extras of the dough from the sides of the pan, make the edges nice and neat
  • cover the dough with baking paper, use ceramic weights for blind baking
  • bake 15 min in preheated to 165-170C fan-forced oven
  • remove ceramic weights and baking paper and bake for another 10-12 min
  • allow the crust to cool down completely



  • prepare raspberry curd as described here
  • cool down prepared raspberry curd to room temperature by putting the pan/bowl into a larger bowl with cold water, change water 2 or 3 times, stir the curd with a whisk while cooling it down
  • pour the curd through a sieve into a container with a spout
  • carefully pour curd into the crust
  • the most difficult step is to transfer baking tin with the tart to refrigerator, the best way is to put baking pan with the tart into another tray where the pan is not moving or sliding, prepare the space in refrigerator ahead, where nothing can fall on top of the tart
  • refrigerate until the curd starting to set, apply shaved good quality chocolate (if you can tolerate it) or roasted and chopped nuts to decorate the top, I used roasted hazelnuts
  • leave the tart in the fridge overnight




There was some curd left, which I used to make individual desserts.


This tart can be served as delightful dessert for Christmas lunch. You can use alternative grain, dairy and sugar free crust for this tart. There are many recipes with some tapioca, arrowroot or coconut flour as dry ingredients. Recipes for raw crust, made without baking and based on nuts, nut butters and dates can be used as well.



4 thoughts on “Chocolate and Raspberry Tart – Grain and Dairy Free

    1. Thank you. For the recipe with so many restrictions this tart is surprisingly easy to make. Raspberry coconut cream curd sets differently compared to citrus curds and gives the opportunity to make the tart with the structurally perfect filling, which tastes amazing.

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