Avocado Mayonnaise – Egg Free

Simple and easy egg free mayonnaise recipe would be handy for people with egg allergies and vegans, but I made this dressing without egg yolks only because I wanted to avoid using raw egg ingredient. The choice to use raw egg becomes especially serious in hot summer weather, if you keep this condiment for several days, or use it in salads (which I did), made to be kept for 2-3 days. Vegan and egg free final product was an extra bonus, and it means that avocado and mustard mayonnaise can be used in a wider variety of diets. I used avocado mayonnaise to make deviled eggs and as a dressing for smoked trout and vegetables salad (my Paleo version of Olivier salad, very popular in Russian cuisine, particularly in New Year’s celebrations).



I used organic cold pressed olive oil to make avocado mayonnaise, which happened to have pronounced fruity flavour. My husband liked it, but to my taste it was the flavour too strong, and I would use olive oil with more subdued and neutral taste the next time. However, this strong fruity flavour did not last too long. When mayonnaise was mixed with the yolk from hard-boiled eggs or used as a dressing in a salad, strong fruity flavour was not there anymore. I also used homemade mustard to avoid any additives and sugar in commercial mustard, but you can use any mustard that you can tolerate. Mine has honey in it, that gave  additional layer of flavour to mayonnaise.


  • flesh of 1 large avocado (130g)
  • 20ml lemon juice
  • 40g homemade honey mustard
  • 70g olive oil
  • sea salt to taste (quantity depends on the taste of used mustard)
  • ground white pepper, good pinch (optional)

update 20.02.2017

I had extra large avocado when I was making this mayonnaise the second time. Ingredient quantities were as follows:

  • flesh of 1 large avocado 180g
  • 30ml lemon juice
  • 70g homemade honey mustard
  • 105g olive oil
  • sea salt to taste I used 1 tea spoon
  • ground white pepper, good pinch
  • I also added 1/2 tea spoon of honey in the end as mayonnaise was a touch too acidic

I used another type of olive oil, which did not have the distinct fruity flavour and as the result mayonnaise taste was much better.


  • scoop avocado flesh
  • add lemon juice to avocado flesh
  • blend avocado and lemon juice, add mustard
  • transfer the mixture to a bowl where you can whisk while adding oil to the mix
  • pour olive oil very slowly, while whisking the mixture, whisk attachment to a stick blender does the wonderful job
  • check the taste, add salt and pepper (if desired)
  • store refrigerated


To make deviled eggs mix yolks of hard-boiled eggs with mayonnaise: 1 egg yolk – 1 heaped tea spoon of mayonnaise. For nice, even and silky texture of the filling, put egg yolks through the fine sieve.


Olivier salad recipe will follow.


4 thoughts on “Avocado Mayonnaise – Egg Free

    1. You probably know that this blog has the recipes I create and make for our friend, and I wanted her to try this salad which is compulsory for your Christmas table, all I had to do is to leave canned peas out of the mix, they have added sugar, not much, but I can’t use them, and to have a decent dressing which is not going to overshadow this salad when made with smoked trout, actually the best Olivier I tasted. I have obviously my variation, no potato, trout instead of meat, much lighted and runnier dressing. That’s the story behind this mayonnaise. I made this dish as a present, so I had to be 100% sure no Christmas food poisoning. It meant no raw egg.

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