Dairy, Egg and Sugar Free Chocolate Cream

The recipe of this chocolate cream, which is grain, dairy, starches, gums, sugar and actual chocolate free, can be considered vegan and paleo simultaneously. This cream is based on an attractive recipe with appealing ingredient list I saw in another blog. It would have taken many weeks to try this recipe, but fortunately for me, banana and coconut flour sponge I baked, with its plain taste, desperately needed soft cream with the texture, strong to keep the shape and to be piped in multi-layered grain and dairy free cake. It is a rare occasion for me, when I did not use whole eggs, egg yolks or egg whites to make a cream. For vegans, or people with egg intolerance, this recipe can be a good alternative to be used in cakes or tartlets or any other desserts. Preparation of this cream is super easy, especially if you have a powerful blender, which will allow you to achieve especially smooth cream texture in no time.

The cream tastes delicious even without added cacao powder. The absence of cacao powder makes the cream softer and less firm, which can be improved by extra quantities of ground walnuts.


  • 70g walnuts/walnut meal
  • 100g avocado flesh
  • 100g chopped banana
  • 50g honey
  • 15-20ml lemon juice
  • 20g pure raw organic cacao powder


  • grind walnuts as fine as you can, walnut meal can be used instead
  • blend avocado, chopped banana, lemon juice and honey with a stick blender until the mixture comes together, it is better done in a special plastic tall glass or narrow and tall bowl
  • add ground walnuts/walnut meal and blend until fine consistency to avoid gritty texture
  • add cacao powder and mix it in until fully combined and the cream reaches homogeneous texture
  • store in airtight glass container or jar
  • this cream can be used with any type of tips with wide or narrow openings, plastic disposable pasty bags are my preferred option

It is possible to reach completely fine and smooth texture of the cream with more patience or using more powerful blender. Photos of buckwheat tartlets with orange jam, chocolate and vanilla cream are shown below only as an example how easy this cream can be piped into any tartlets or other mini cakes.

Chocolate cream can be stored refrigerated in air-tight container and used as a spread on any cake or slice, either on its own,

or in combination with sour or bitter jams. Orange and chocolate flavours go very well together.

Recipe for banana cake with chocolate cream will be published in the next post.

2 thoughts on “Dairy, Egg and Sugar Free Chocolate Cream

  1. Great job! The pictures in this post are awesome and gives a really clear idea of all of the steps involved, nice work 🙂

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