Paleo Seed Buns with Egg and Cauliflower Salad

These grain, dairy, starches, legumes, yeast, gums and sugar free bread rolls with hard-boiled eggs and sautéed vegetables salad, were made as an actual lunch on the go with dietary specifications for this blog. The selection of the ingredients for the filling was determined by what I had in the fridge at the time, as it was long after the shopping day, and I did not have a variety of produce to choose from. I went for a larger in size buns, but with more flat shape, to be convenient for eating in any environment, even in the car or on the train. Everyone was happy and satisfied with the result and I decided to publish the full recipe in my main blog, to reach a wider audience.

The dough for bread rolls was my favourite and very reliable apple puree and seed dough. It is easy to prepare, they can be ready in an hour, not counting the time for seed grinding. Larger in size, but flatter in shape buns are also easier to bake.

While buns are baked, vegetables are sautéed and eggs are boiled. Flat buns can take a thicker layer of the filling, making the whole lunch not only convenient, but most enjoyable, delicious and satisfying meal.

I also used my homemade mustard and fresh dill to add some extra spice and flavour to quite a mild in taste salad, but sliced avocado will go nicely into the bun as well.

Full recipe can be found here.

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