Dates and Avocado Spread with Cacao Option

Dates, avocado and cooked fruits puree spread with or without raw organic cacao powder is very easy to make even without powerful blender. The use of dry and small pitted dates makes this spread a budget option for a sweet treat with dietary limitations for very strict diets. The spread  is suitable for vegans, for paleo protocol, it is grain, dairy, egg and nut free. It also does not contain any sweeteners in dry or liquid form. All ingredients are natural and are used without any processing involved. The inclusion of avocado introduces the source of quality fats in the spread, without any nuts. Apple and/or pear puree provide fibre content and make the spread altogether quite a balanced snack or dessert, in comparison with other spreads or energy snacks based predominantly on dried fruits.

To diversify nutrient content in the spread ground chia seeds  can be used to increase protein, while crushed nuts will add extra fat and provide crunchy texture to the spread. The spread is nutritionally dense food and is excellent in recovery from illness or strenuous physical activity. The option without cacao powder can be used as baby food for most fussy eaters, when their appetite is down, especially in teething period. Tested on our grandson with flying colours. For adults on a strict diet, who do not tolerate any commercial chocolate, but love chocolate taste, the addition of organic raw cacao powder, can be an excellent option.

The texture of the spread can be left quite coarse, the way the spread comes out from the blender, or can be further worked on to be fine with additional blending using stick blender.


For 950g of date and avocado spread before optional addition of cacao powder

  • 500g small and dry pitted dates (I used 1 full Aldi package)
  • 1 large avocado, mine had 160g flesh
  • 45ml freshly squeezed lemon juice (I used my own lemons)
  • 200g pure commercial apple puree SPC (can be replaced by blended commercial cooked apple filling for pies or canned pears in juice, not syrup)
  • 30ml liquid from soaking dates

chocolate spread

  • 30-40g raw organic cacao powder

I added to 15g of cacao powder to 450g of date and avocado spread


  • cover pitted dates with boiling water, let them soak for 10-20 minutes depending on how dry they are
  • drain the dates, reserve some of draining liquid for future use
  • blend avocado with lemon juice with a stick blender
  • place drained dates, blended avocado and apple/pear puree in a bowl of food processor, add reserved soaking liquid
  • blend first on pulse regime, and then on medium/high to desired texture
  • for fine texture, transfer the spread into high bowl and blend it further with a stick blender
  • if desired, add cacao powder to all or half the spread
  • transfer to a glass jar, keep refrigerated
  • the taste of the spread can be adjusted to be less or more sweet, less or more tart, by changing lemon juice to dates quantity ratio

The spread can be used not only on toasted bread or pancakes, but as a cream in tarts and tartlets, as well as in multilayered cakes.

4 thoughts on “Dates and Avocado Spread with Cacao Option

    1. Thank you. In essence it’s a very simple cake. I was surprised that two ingredients caramel have set so nicely. I like to fuss about cakes, feels therapeutic.


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