Easy Bread with Pumpkin Seed Meal as Dry Ingredient

Easy bread recipe, with the dough based on apple or vegetable puree, eggs and variety of ground seeds, is the most flexible and versatile. Both pumpkin seeds and sunflower kernels can be used as main dry ingredient, with ground flax seeds and chia seeds added to the mix. Flax seed meal or flour are two other options for the dough preparation. The dough itself can be used to bake bread in a shape of small loaf, baguette or buns of different shapes and sizes. The dough texture allows to shape it easily to make buns with fillings, pies and pastries. With the new dry ingredient in my kitchen – Pumpkin Seed Meal, quite different in its chemical composition and texture to ground pumpkin seeds, I had a task to adapt easy bread recipe to this new ingredient. Extra challenge was to transform the recipe into grain and pseudo-grain free recipe, excluding eggs from it. I am happy to report that both types of bread, based on eggs and on “chia eggs” satisfy me in taste and texture. They are practically identical in colour and taste. The texture of these two versions is slightly different, with vegan bread being softer and more moist. The other difference is more crumbly crust of egg free bread.

Bread loaf with eggs

Vegan loaf

Both bread loaves (on photos above) were baked from the dough based on apple puree. The colour of both loaves is quite confronting, very dark brown and gives the impression that the dough is burned. But it is only an impression, the taste of bread is mild and neutral, without any bitterness or sour taste that can be found in similarly looking yeast based rye bread. The crust looks darker compared to the body of the bread. However, when I baked this bread using puree of cooked beetroot, the bread itself had even darker colour, but had a touch sweeter taste.

Update 13.3.2018

I am happy to report an update on preparation technique for egg free bread, that can be reduced to 3 simple fault free steps. Ground to flour consistency chia seeds swell very fast when they absorb water. I thought it would be much easier to mix all dry ingredients, including ground chia seeds, mix all wet ingredients (apple puree, oil and water), add wet ingredients to dry and mix them. I do it either using the whisk or by hand. The dough is very thick, but soft and easy to shape.

This time I baked the loaf in a tin, greased with coconut oil, without paper lining. The loaf had to rest in a tin for 5 minutes before it could be separated from the tin without crust damage.

Pumpkin seed meal is a unique product, with very low fat content and extremely rich in protein, for any natural dry, flour like, ingredient on the market. In gluten free, and especially in grain, pseudo-grain and starches free baking, this feature of the product is impossible to overestimate. High protein content allows to make a dough to be baked into really nice bread loaf without an egg as an essential ingredient. I never thought that it was possible to bake a decent bread loaf based on seeds only, without using eggs. Pumpkin seed meal made this goal achievable.

To retain easy bread qualities and nutritional value, as a balanced baked product, I had to adjust the recipe in terms of fat content and include oil into ingredients list. Fat content in easy bread is significant not only in terms of nutritional value, but in terms of keeping bread, or any baking product from this dough, soft for several days. If consumed in 2-3 days, bread does not have to be sliced and to be frozen, as many gluten and grain free breads demand, as they go stale very quickly.


egg recipe

  • 2 eggs
  • 150g apple puree (cooked beetroot puree can be used as well)
  • 50g oil of your choice (I used grapeseed oil)
  • 90g pumpkin seed meal
  • 20 chia seeds grounded
  • 20g golden flax seeds grounded (brown flax seeds can be used, as well as commercial flax seed meal or flax seed flour)
  • 2 g cumin powder
  • 6g sea salt
  • 6g baking soda

egg free, vegan recipe

  • 25g ground chia seeds
  • 150g apple puree (cooked beetroot puree can be used as well)
  • 50g oil of your choice (I used grapeseed oil)
  • 110ml water
  • 120g pumpkin seed meal
  • 20g golden flax seeds grounded (brown flax seeds can be used, as well as commercial flax seed meal or flax seed flour)
  • 2 g cumin powder
  • 6g sea salt
  • 6g baking soda


egg recipe

  • dough preparation is very similar, if not identical, to easy bread preparation
  • mix all dry ingredients
  • mix all wet ingredients, beat eggs, apple puree and oil with a whisk attachment of stick blender for 1-2 minutes
  • add wet ingredients to dry
  • combine dry and wet ingredients with a whisk
  • shape the dough close to the shape of the loaf tin
  • drop the dough into a lined baking tin, I use small and narrow baking tin 10cm x 20cm on the top, 6.5cm x 16.5cm on the bottom
  • work with the dough using wet hands or wet spatula
  • level the surface of the dough
  • make superficial cut in the middle with spatula covered in oil
  • bake in preheated to 170C oven for 60 minutes (fan or no fan regime, both work well)

beetroot dough

apple dough

apple bread

  • rest the loaf on a wire rack until cooled down

beetroot bread

vegan bread

  • mix dry ingredients: pumpkin seed meal, ground flax, salt and soda
  • put the dry mixture through a sieve
  • add remaining larger particles back to a mixture

  • add water to ground chia seeds
  • it will not be enough water to make thick even mixture without semi-dry lumps in it

  • mix apple puree and oil with a whisk
  • add chia mixture, mix it in, first with a whisk, and then blend with a stick blender to even consistency

  • add wet mixture to dry ingredients
  • combine them together with a whisk

  • gather the dough into a ball and shape it with a wet hands
  • drop the dough into lined baking tin
  • level the surface
  • make a cut in the middle of the dough with oiled spatula

  • I used sesame seeds on vegan loaf to distinguish 2 types of bread baked simultaneously
  • baking regime is as above for egg bread
  • take baked loaf from the tin, place it in baking paper on a wire rack and return to switched off, hot oven, let the loaf slowly cool down in a warm oven, it will deliver better texture of the loaf

vegan bread

Featured image shows 2 slices of apple pumpkin seed meal bread – with eggs on the left, and egg free on the right.

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