Grain, Nuts, Starches, Dairy and Egg Free Bread

The recipe is the second egg free one, in a series of grain, pseudo-grain, starches, nuts, dairy, yeast and sugar free bread recipes. Eggs are usually the essential ingredient in grain, pseudo-grain and starches free recipes, as they form the most of the structure of the bread. Without much choice in dry ingredients, where only seeds can be a part of dry ingredient mix, it is not easy to get the right mix of seeds for bread texture and taste. Chia and flax eggs make quite a dense and thick dough that rises minimally during baking. Using the softer dough with more wet ingredients can provide the better raise, but would leave the bread inside too wet. I have also found that this dense and thick dough is better baked in a free shape, without using loaf tin. I shaped my dough in a long and relatively thin rectangle, similar to that of Turkish bread.

The concept of the recipe is based on easy bread recipe with eggs as one of the wet ingredients mix. This recipe however is based on “chia” egg. As in regular easy bread recipe, ground sunflower kernels, pumpkin seeds or their mix could be used as the main dry ingredient. They can be replaced by almond meal as well. Apple puree can also be replaced by other semi-wet ingredients – blended fresh apple, cooked vegetable puree as discussed in details here and here.


  • 150g apple puree (blended apple pie filling)
  • 100g sunflower kernels, ground and sifted
  • 45g chia seeds (black or white, I used black), ground and sifted
  • 50g Golden Flaxseed Flour
  • 35g grapeseed oil
  • 40g/ml water
  • 5g (1 tea spoon) baking soda
  • 6g (1 tea spoon) salt
  • 1-2g cumin powder
  • sesame or other seeds for decoration (optional)
  • coconut/olive oil to grease baking paper (optional)


  • grind sunflower kernels, put them through the sieve, grind remaining in the sieve particles again
  • grind chia seeds
  • mix all dry ingredients, sunflower meal, flaxseed flour, chia flour, salt, baking soda, cumin powder
  • combine all wet ingredients with a whisk – apple puree (if using commercial apple pie filling, blend apple wedges first), oil and water
  • add wet ingredients to dry
  • combine them with a whisk or by hand
  • the dough will be thick, dense, but soft and easy to shape
  • wet spatula before scraping the dough from the bowl
  • use wet palms to shape the dough
  • line the tray with baking paper
  • shape the dough in a flat rectangle or as 2 baguettes
  • use sesame seeds or any other seeds as decoration (optional)
  • bake in preheated to 170C oven for 60 minutes, I used fan forced regime
  • let the loaf rest and become room temperature before slicing

The crust looks darker compared to bread inside. The colour of the bread depends on the type of chia seeds and flaxseed flour used. Golden flax flour and white chia seeds give a touch lighter bread, but do not influence the taste. Bread itself is surprisingly soft and stays soft for 2, if not 3 days. When all grinding done ahead, dough preparation takes 5 minutes at most.

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