Avocado Mayonnaise with Sunflower Seed Oil – Egg Free

I have been making my own avocado mayonnaise for quite some time, using cold pressed olive oil, trying to get the organic variety with minimum flavour, as I personally do not like the sometimes intense smell and taste of olive oil. With organic cold pressed sunflower seed oil, handcrafted in small batches on a family farm in Victoria, sent to me by the manufacturer Pepo Farms, it was an easy choice to use this artisan oil to make egg free avocado mayonnaise. Egg free option for my homemade mayonnaise was selected not due to intolerance and allergy issues, but because I planned to use it in dishes that do not require heating and might be stored and transported, or used for young babies. I simply wanted to exclude any complications that can arise from using raw egg yolk in dishes made for not an immediate consumption. However, egg free option widens the use of mayonnaise as quality nutritious dressing in many salads, sandwiches etc.

Avocado and sunflower mayonnaise is easy to prepare from a short list of  readily available ingredients. For those who can tolerate commercial mustard, it is a matter of 10-15 minutes to create smooth, thick and creamy mayonnaise, that can be further enriched by additional flavours of spices and herbs you like. As I usually prepare this mayonnaise in gluten, grain, sugar and additives free option, I use my own homemade mustard. Additionally to all of popular mayonnaise uses, I use avocado mayonnaise for smoked trout salad and to prepare devilled eggs.


  • 150g avocado flesh
  • 40g pure apple puree without sweeteners (I used blended apple pie filling)
  • 70g homemade mustard (can be replaced by any quality mustard with acceptable ingredients panel)
  • 20ml lemon juice
  • 100-110ml organic cold pressed sunflower seed oil
  • tea spoon of honey (optional, might be necessary when sharp commercial mustard is used)
  • tea spoon of sea salt (adjust to taste)
  • good pinch of finely ground white pepper


  • scoop avocado flesh and place it in blender glass
  • add lemon juice, mustard, pure apple puree
  • blend all ingredients together with a stick blender until smooth
  • transfer the mixture into a bowl suitable for whisking while adding oil
  • add sea salt and white pepper
  • whisk the mixture while pouring oil little by little
  • check the seasoning, add sea salt and honey to taste
  • store in glass jar or container refrigerated, use within 5-6 days

The taste of sunflower seed oil comes out in mayonnaise in a more vibrant way, compared to the use of the oil as a simple dressing in fresh vegetables salad. I like avocado mayonnaise much better with sunflower seed oil, it has more interesting and sophisticated flavour. It also blends both avocado and mustard flavours together, when neither of them dominate  individually.

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