Homemade Ketchup – 3 Ingredients

Homemade ketchup is the ideal preserve to use late harvest tomatoes, that are not quite perfect in taste, shape and appearance. I had plenty of semi-ripe tomatoes that were sour in taste. As much as I used them in cooking, plenty were still in a box. Cooked with sea salt and some honey, skinned tomatoes, reduced in half, made delicious thick sauce that can be used as regular ketchup.

For simplicity of the recipe I did not take any seeds out. Final blending of the sauce allowed to achieve fine and reasonably even texture. For those who prefers perfect fine texture, put tomato puree through a sieve.


  • skinned tomatoes (I used homegrown cherry tomatoes)
  • sea salt
  • honey (or sugar if you tolerate it)


  • make superficial cut in tomatoes centre
  • cover tomatoes with boiling water for 10-15 minutes
  • drain hot water, cover tomatoes with cold water
  • remove the skin
  • squash or blend tomatoes
  • cook tomatoes on medium/low heat, add salt and honey to taste
  • reduce the volume in half
  • use stick blender to achieve the texture you want
  • pour hot in clean jars
  • keep refrigerated after opening
  • I was surprised how little salt and just 2 tea spoons of honey were needed to get desired taste

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