Dried Fruits, Walnuts, Honey and Lemon Preserve

This preserve, made from mainly organic and sulphur free dried fruits, locally grown walnuts, organic raw honey and lemons, freshly picked from our own tree, is in its essence dried fruit mince. And though preserve can be successfully used to bake festive fruit mince pies, it would be a crime to do so, as all ingredients in this product retain vitamins and other micro-nutrients. It makes this mixture ideal dessert/treat as the source of micro-nutrients in winter season and during recovery from illness or surgery.  Process of preparation excludes exposure to high temperatures, nevertheless, this preserve can be stored without refrigeration in unopened jar.

Quantities of individual ingredients can be flexible within 30-50g range, as well as the texture of the preserve, that can vary from very coarse, to super fine. In the first case hand or electric mincer can be used, while to get super fine texture, double blending, first in food processor and then using stick blender, have to be applied. This is the matter of convenience and personal taste preferences. Be aware that blending very thick mixture can ruin your blender. Honey and additional lemon juice could be used to adjust the taste to desired balance of acidity and sweetness.


  • 300g organic yellow raisins
  • 300g small pitted dates
  • 250g moist organic dried figs
  • 300g organic dried apricots (no sulphur added)
  • 300g walnuts (I used locally grown walnuts, bought in shells)
  • 1 whole organic lemon
  • juice from 1 lemon
  • 450g raw organic honey
  • 250g pitted organic prunes (absent in this preserve, as I was not able to get organic prunes in time)


  • cover small and dry dates with boiled water for 20 minutes, rinse and discard water
  • chop figs and dried apricots in small pieces
  • blend walnuts in food processor or blender separately
  • chop whole lemon in medium size pieces, discard pips
  • place lemon and honey in food processor and blend, until lemon skin pieces are close to rice grain size
  • add dried fruits to the mix, first dried apricots, then soaked dates, raisins and finally dried figs
  • add blended walnuts
  • blend to desired texture
  • check the taste, add lemon juice or honey if needed
  • transfer the mixture into a bowl and use stick blender to get fine texture
  • transfer the mixture into clean glass jars, cover the surface with a sheet of baking paper cut to size, it can be brushed with gluten free alcohol if desired (I did not do this)
  • store in cool cupboard or refrigerated, refrigerate after opening

The above quantities of ingredients gave me 4 medium and 1 small jar of preserve.

It is hard to believe that this delicious mixture is actually a perfect supplement (taken by a tea/dessert spoon, not by a half jar as one can be tempted).

You can’t go wrong making this preserve for a present. It will suit any diet, though will exclude diabetics and people intolerant to sugar overload. Dried fruits preserve is in the second jar from the left, shown together with blackcurrant and glucose preserve, apricot and honey jam and cherries in thick honey syrup.

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