Buckwheat Crepes Parcels with Chicken – Gluten and Dairy Free

The long awaited recipe for dairy free buckwheat crepes is here. It took several trial and error efforts to understand how to make the full proof recipe to get a non stick crepe, easy to turn over, adjust fat content in the batter for the crepe to be dry enough to bite, but not too dry to be folded if necessary. Almond milk as liquid ingredient was dismissed after one try. Almond milk ingredients vary, that can result in non-reliable recipe, depending significantly on ingredients mix. Coconut milk as a natural liquid was my best choice. However, fat content in coconut milk may vary, and thickeners can be present even in organic products. Beware of that. The recipe below is for savoury crepes, that can have an additional use as wraps or parcel wraps with fillings of your choice. In this case it was chicken, onion, carrots and eggs filling.

The batter, made from the list of ingredients below is relatively thick, much more dense compared to regular crepes batter. Crepes made from this batter are soft and thick and should be fried slowly on medium heat to be cooked through. However, the batter can be successfully diluted with water in 2 to 1 ratio to get much thinner crepes. They will be even tastier, but much thinner and will not be folded with success.


chicken and vegetable coarse pate

  • 1 chicken marylands
  • vegetables for the stock
  • 1 large onion
  • 3 large carrots
  • 3 hard boiled eggs
  • 1 table spoon olive oil
  • 1 table spoon coconut oil

buckwheat coconut milk crepes

  • 400 ml can of organic coconut milk, 12% fat content, with guar gum as stabiliser
  • 60g Bio-Oz buckwheat flour
  • 10g golden flaxseed flour
  • 1 egg (mine was very large 57 g without shell)
  • sea salt to taste, half of coffee spoon

20.02.20 Update

While making buckwheat crepes several more times I have concluded that 30ml of water, added to the recipe above is the best batter dilution to get thin enough crepes with flexible texture to be easily folded.


chicken vegetables and eggs filling preparation see here


  • mix all dry ingredients
  • add an egg and a portion of coconut milk (70-100ml)
  • mix ingredients with a whisk to make thick paste without lumps
  • add the rest of coconut milk
  • mix with a whisk
  • let batter rest for 10-15 minutes
  • when frying the first crepe brush non stick crepes pan with coconut oil
  • you do not need to grease the pan when frying these crepes
  • mix batter every time you take a portion to pour on the pan
  • pour batter on hot pan, spread the batter
  • use medium heat to do all frying

The first crepe

  • it will take time for the bottom side to brown a little and become dry on the edges
  • turn crepe using spatula to fry on the other side

Larger crepe to make chicken parcel

Diluted batter (2 parts batter : 1 part water)

  • delivers thinner crepe

  • thin crepes from diluted batter break when folded

  • if made quickly enough when still hot thin crepes can still be folded in parcels (as above)
  • the batter can be adjusted to your taste and needs with some dilution with water

We served crepes parcels with beetroot salad.

They were made with diluted batter, thus breakage in one corner.

I keep crepes parcels up to 5 days refrigerated. It might be a good idea to separate them with baking paper (optional). The taste of coconut milk is barely noticeable.


When using buckwheat flour from other brands, its quantity in the recipe might be different, you might need more flour. The exact quantity would have to be found with each brand, as water retention capacity differs from brand to brand. The same goes to different brands of coconut milk. To have the batter without the need to grease the pan, the fat content in the batter should be 45-50 g of fat/oil for 400 ml of the liquid used.

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