Beetroot Soba Noodles Gluten Free

The new crop of homegrown organic beetroot was a serious temptation to try fresh beetroot in buckwheat noodles preparation, by simply replacing water with beetroot puree. The process was simple and straight forward. I did not encounter any problems. All steps – dough preparation, dough hand rolling, pasta machine rolling as well as drying went smoothly. Beetroot soba has a very appealing pink bright colour but the typical buckwheat taste is less prominent. It is interesting to observe the fact that buckwheat taste is less pronounced in beetroot soba. Beetroot puree, as I have previously noticed with apple puree, neutralises the taste of buckwheat, which is in this case unfortunate. My personal preference would be for original soba. However, beetroot soba is enriched with minerals and fibre and this should be taken into consideration when the decision is made what type of soba noodles you prefer.


  • 240g + 40g Bio-Oz buckwheat flour to knead and roll
  • 40g golden flaxseed flour
  • 2 eggs (100g without shell)
  • 100g beetroot puree
  • 4g sea salt
  • 1g cumin powder (coffee spoon), optional


All the processes and steps in beetroot soba preparation are the same as that for regular soba. Their description can be found here. The only difference is that beetroot puree is used instead of water. Step by step photos for beetroot soba preparation below can be used as detailed guidance for the whole process.

  • peel beetroot, cut it in small pieces
  • blend beetroot with eggs
  • you can also use puree from cooked beetroot
  • use the mixture as wet ingredient to make soba dough

Beetroot soba is easy to dry, either hanging or on the flat surface. It stores beautifully in air tight container as any regular pasta or dry noodles. It takes only 2-3 minutes to cook soba in salted boiling water. Soba noodles are structurally sound, they do not need immediate rinsing in cold water to retain their texture.

I used soba noodles with quickly sauteed onions, mushrooms and zucchini, served with honey caramelised carrots.

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