3 Ingredient Coconut Flour Pancakes

This recipe makes one generous serve of light and tender pancakes with bare minimum of ingredients. From nutritional point of view it is perfectly balanced breakfast, satisfying the sweet cravings without any sweeteners added. The batter is simple and easy to prepare, but perfect frying of these pancakes have to be mastered, and depends on the ripeness of bananas used. I fry these pancakes on a very low heat, as low as you can get, and start with the batter spooned on a cold greased with coconut oil pancake pan (the type with low sides for crepes is the best). As with any pancakes based on fruit or vegetable puree, and without the eggs dominating over other ingredients, these soft and tender pancakes demand care during frying and turning them over.


Coconut flour can differ from brand to brand in its moisture absorbing capacity. I used Well and Good coconut flour, which exceeded all expectations in my previous grain free baking experiments,  and resulted in exceptionally tasting pastries and cakes.


for 6-8 small pancakes

  • 1 medium to large banana (mine were 110-112g)
  • 1 large egg 52-54g without shell
  • 15g coconut flour (I used Well and Good)
  • coconut oil for frying


  • vanilla, cinnamon or other natural flavours
  • a good pinch of baking soda

I did not notice any difference in pancakes with or without baking soda, but may be I did not add enough to see the difference. For this recipe too ripe bananas are not the best option. They make runnier batter with evidently more fructose in it, that can cause pancakes to burn faster during frying and stick more to the frying pan. I haven’t tried this particular recipe with roughly  mashed bananas, the results can be different, compared to blended bananas.


  • place cut banana and an egg into a blending cup
  • blend the mixture using a stick blender for 1 min, until the mixture has no lumps and increases in volume (approximately to 300ml)
  • pour the mixture into a wide bowl
  • add coconut flour
  • whisk coconut flour in
  • let the batter rest for 5 min
  • grease the pan with coconut oil
  • spoon pancakes on a cold pan (my crepes pan was fit for only 6 pancakes, another 2 I had to fry in a second go)
  • cook on a very low heat, time depends on the level of heat and pancake thickness
  • turn pancakes over and fry on the other side
  • serve with your favourite toppings





I enjoyed these mildly sweet pancakes with a tart fruit stew. The taste surprised me. Banana and coconut flavour did not stand out, and pancakes did not have the sweet omelette feeling.


I also tried several more modifications of banana pancakes. The one with flaxseed and almond meal I did not like at all, and do not include the recipe in the post. However, another recipe with coconut flour with the addition of golden flax flour was a winner.


  • 1 medium to large banana 110g
  • 1 large egg 52-54g without shell
  • 12g coconut flour (I used Well and Good)
  • 8g organic golden flaxseed flour (Waltanna Farms)
  • coconut oil for frying

The process of batter preparation and pancake frying for this recipe is the same. This batter is much thicker, it makes 6 pancakes. On the photo below both fried surfaces of pancakes are shown. The batter was made with a pinch of baking soda. You might want to rest this batter for 6-7 min before frying. These pancakes were a touch easier to turn over, but they still needed very low heat during cooking.



2 thoughts on “3 Ingredient Coconut Flour Pancakes

  1. I m going to try these. They look great and I ve been missing pancakes since I ve been limiting my consumption of wheat products. I wonder if it would work using one of the non wheat flours um, I ll try this first, then experiment. Thanks for this easy recipe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Many wheat and gluten free flours are excellent for pancakes. Quinoa with flaxseed meal is my favourite for tiny pancakes, but I also use cottage cheese in them. If you dietary limitation is only wheat and you tolerate other grains and even dairy, you can find many more recipes in my other blog CookingWithoutGluten. I always use different fillers in pancake recipes, fruit purees, vegetables, fresh or cooked. Good luck with your experiments.


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