Canned Salmon Soup – Ready in 15 Minutes

Thick soup made with canned salmon and vegetables, served with hard-boiled egg and herbs, makes a nourishing and hearty meal, especially when accompanied by freshly baked bread roll. Any paleo bread, baked either as a loaf, bun or baguette (many recipes to choose from this blog) goes well with this soup. Croutons make a nice garnish for the soup as well. This soup is a very practical and handy option for a fast meal at the end of the shopping cycle, when the fridge is nearly empty and you do not have much time to spend cooking. There are always some vegetables, eggs and canned salmon in the house, and this soup saved me many times when my imagination went blank.



Any vegetable mix can be used to make this soup, even quality mixes from the frozen food section in supermarkets. I like to use wild caught pink salmon cans with no salt added. The liquid from the can does not have the intense fish flavour, while contributing to a nearly sweet taste of the soup. With addition of hard-boiled egg, this soup becomes a nutritionally balanced light meal. It needs practically no time to prepare, and depending on the number of portions you need, different can sizes can be used to make this soup.


for 2 servings

  • 105g can of pink salmon (I used Coles wild caught pink salmon, no salt added, product of Canada)

vegetables that can go into the mix

  • leek/onion
  • carrot
  • celery
  • cauliflower
  • broccoli/broccolini
  • pumpkin
  • red capsicum
  • zucchini

other vegetables if can tolerate them

  • peas, fresh, frozen or canned
  • green beans
  • sweet potato
  • fresh cabbage


  • hard-boiled egg, one per serving
  • fresh dill or coriander to garnish
  • fresh ginger (optional)
  • coconut oil (optional, to saute leek/onion with carrots)


  • prepare – slice, dice, chop vegetables
  • to add extra fat to this soup and to enhance flavour, you can gently saute leek or onion with grated carrots in coconut oil (optional)
  • boil water in appropriate size pot
  • add all vegetables and canned salmon to a boiling water
  • if using fresh ginger, thinly slice it and cut these slices into strips
  • the amount of water depends on how thick you want your soup to be
  • if using no salt added canned salmon, use the whole contents of the can (with regular canned salmon I use only fish without the liquid from the can)
  • cook on medium heat simmering, until vegetables are soft and ready
  • season the soup with sea salt to your taste
  • boil egg/s
  • you can add last-minute spinach leaves or bok choy, cut in medium size pieces
  • to serve the soup add chopped dill or coriander and boiled eggs


The soup can be kept refrigerated for 1-2 days, but tastes the best when eaten freshly cooked.


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